i could be doing something more productive but instead i make andrew ryan sing songs in tomodachi life

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Make me choose: Kageyama or Hinata | Asked by anonymous

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"I thought I asked for a maestro, not a boy from the Fratellanza," Jack groused, eyeing the newcomer’s wide grin and rich brocades amidst assassin whites.

The man bowed with a flourish, still smiling. “Well met, Master Pattillo. Gavino Free, at your service — or Gavin, if you’d prefer.” His accent was decidedly not Italian, save for a subtle trill in his vowels.  

"Niceties later, maestro Free,” Jack replied wearily, motioning for Gavin to follow him, “—word’s reached us of trouble along the Neches

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Not healing potions or ADAM and EVE hypos, but cotton candy and salt. I love this game.

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[dante voice] am i human. or am i dancer

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Porco Rosso - Scenery

<3 <3 <3

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Connor Kenway. The chick magnet.

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Aoba knows what’s up.

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Ryan vs. Jack [VS Episode 74]

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Geoff Ramsey being a total dad in Let’s Play Minecraft 51 - The End (part 3) 

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Fma memeTeam Ed or Team Mustang 

Team Mustang

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fuck video game characters but also fuck video game characters if you get what I mean am I right guys

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